CTS serves individuals with disorders of:

  • Language
  • Speech Production 
  • Swallowing


  • Specific sounds are produced incorrectly or inappropriately
  • The rate, inflection or melody of speech may be affected.


  • Repetitions or stops interrupt speech.
  • Facial contortions may occur.


  • Listening or understanding is difficult 
  • Using correct words, grammar or sentence structure is a problem. 
  • Use of alternative augmentative communication – pictures or a device (iPad)


  • Learning to swallow or transition to the adult pattern may be delayed. 
  • Tongue-thrust patterns cause speech and dental problems.  
  • Poor nutrition, dehydration, choking and pneumonia can result.


  • The quality of sound is poor. 
  • Voice is difficult (or impossible) to produce.

CTS provides:

  • Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluations
  • Therapy
  • Recommendations
  • Consultations
  • Presentations

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